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TuGo Emotional Assistance: Complimentary Emotional Support Service

With the growing importance of our travellers’ mental health, we’re proud to introduce TuGo Emotional Assistance, our newest complimentary service that connects travellers, visitors, and students to professional mental health services globally 24/7.

What’s TuGo Emotional Assistance?

Launching July 1, 2024, TuGo’s newest service is powered by Assistenza to provide travellers, visitors, and students with 24/7 unlimited global emotional support while away from home. By simply calling the global toll-free number found in their policy declaration email, travellers, visitors, and students can immediately connect to a registered psychiatrist, psychologist, or a counsellor confidentially over the phone. All details and information shared with Assistenza will remain strictly confidential.

Who is TuGo Emotional Assistance for?

If you’re insured with an eligible TuGo policy and you’re experiencing emotional trauma, personal hardship, family issues, work-related issues, relationship problems, grief, or other complex emotional needs while travelling, visiting, or studying abroad, simply call the global toll-free number in your policy declaration email to receive confidential and professional support.

TuGo Emotional Assistance isn’t our only complimentary service for our travellers, we also have MyFlyt and TuGo Telemedicine.

How do I use TuGo Emotional Assistance while travelling?

If you’re in need of emotional support while travelling, visiting or studying abroad, call the global toll-free number included in your policy declaration email to access confidential and professional mental health support. If you’re travelling overseas, an international access code may be required before dialing our global toll-free line. TuGo’s Emotional Assistance international access codes can be found here.

Sometimes, strong emotions might surface while travelling abroad, possibly due to family dynamics, work-related stress, or emotional trauma. Mental health can be a hard topic to discuss and get help for, especially when you’re away from home. We hope this complimentary service can help our travellers, visitors, and students receive the support they need.

Safe travels,