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The Art of Distribution

In the realm of insurance, acquiring appropriate coverage for underserved markets and certain types of work, such as Artisan Contractors General Liability, can often prove to be a daunting task. Many insurance companies have been shying away from providing coverage for this particular field, leaving small businesses in a bind. However, we’ve stepped up to the plate and embraced the distribution of Artisan Contractors General Liability insurance. By collaborating with some of the largest Managing General Agents (MGAs) and wholesalers, we enable thousands of agents to effortlessly quote and bind this insurance for their customers through an intuitive and user-friendly on-demand experience. We feel our products and distribution approaches are transforming the insurance landscape. Let’s explore.


The Challenge:
Artisan Contractors General Liability Insurance Gap

Artisan Contractors General Liability insurance is a crucial component for small businesses operating in construction, renovation, and related industries. It protects contractors from potential financial liabilities arising from accidents, property damage, or injuries caused during the course of their work. However, obtaining comprehensive coverage for these businesses has become increasingly challenging. Many traditional insurance companies have been hesitant to provide coverage for Artisan Contractors General Liability due to the inherent risks involved in such work.


Slice, The Pioneer of On-demand Insurance

Recognizing another underserved market and the need for a solution, we developed a user-friendly platform that enables insurance agents to quickly and efficiently quote and bind Artisan Contractors General Liability coverage for their customers. By partnering with leading MGAs and wholesalers, we effectively extended our reach (and continue to do so) to a vast network of agents, thereby bridging the gap between small businesses and the insurance coverage they desperately require.


The Art of Distribution

Creating a product that agents love and that caters to an underserved market is only half the battle. The true art lies in effectively distributing the product to the target audience. We seek out partnerships with MGAs and wholesalers who see the need to fill the gap, and want to deliver an intuitive and seamless experience for their insurance agents. We treat our distribution partners as though we’re an extension of their team and they are an extension of our team – working collaboratively.


Benefits of Slice’s Distribution Model

Accessibility and Speed: By digitizing the entire insurance process, we’ve eliminated the traditional barriers that often delay or complicate policy issuance. Agents can access the platform anytime, anywhere, and provide their customers with instant quotes and coverage within minutes, ensuring a streamlined experience without the hassle of extensive paperwork or time-consuming processes. 

Enhanced Efficiency: With a simplified and automated workflow, agents can handle a higher volume of policy requests efficiently. The time saved from administrative tasks can now be utilized for building stronger relationships with customers and growing their businesses.

Expanded Reach: Through strategic partnerships with established MGAs and wholesalers, we have exponentially increased our distribution capabilities. Thousands of agents now have access to quote and bind Artisan Contractors General Liability insurance, empowering small businesses across various industries to secure the coverage they need.

Improved Customer Experience: The on-demand experience we offer not only benefits agents but also enhances the overall customer experience. Small businesses seeking Artisan Contractors General Liability coverage can now rely on their trusted agents to provide quick and accurate quotes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


By focusing on the art of distribution and collaborating with leading MGAs and wholesalers, we have successfully enabled access to comprehensive coverage for small businesses. Our products’ user-friendly interface and seamless on-demand experiences empower insurance agents to efficiently quote and bind policies, ultimately ensuring that businesses in need of small business insurance can obtain coverage swiftly and with ease. As technology continues to revolutionize the insurance landscape, we continue to build products that bridge the gap between underserved markets and much-needed insurance protection.


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