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Business Liability Insurance Costs | Coterie Insurance

Why do businesses need business liability insurance? It is a question we get all the time. Many small businesses don’t realize just how important being properly insured is until disaster strikes. But what about the costs? Let us look at some trends affecting small business liability insurance costs today. 

Most business liability costs are determined by looking at the type of industry the business is in and the size of the company. While professional liability and general liability policies cover different events, both are dependent on the type of business and coverage needed. So what are some other factors that can impact business liability insurance costs moving forward? 

Economical and Societal Changes 

The cost of your business insurance policy is determined by a number of factors, risk being one of them. When there are changes in your environment, the inherent risk associated with your business can fluctuate. Economic changes such as recession, war, and elections, can greatly impact your industry and business operations. Natural disasters and weather can also greatly impact your risk. When there are significant changes to our environment, the market reflects those changes. Stay up to date with what is happening around you, so you can be prepared for changes in insurance costs.  


When determining the cost of your insurance policy, providers will look at your history and industry. If your business has a more extensive claims history, or has a history of making worse claims, this may impact the overall cost of your policy. Providers need to look at risk. If your business has had many claims in the past, or if you are in an industry with higher inherent risk, business policy insurance costs will go up to cover your business if history repeats itself.  While your claims history is not guaranteed to affect cost, it is taken into consideration with some providers.  

Amount of Coverage  

When buying a policy, the amount of coverage you are getting also plays a significant role in the overall cost. While this one seems obvious it is good to note that the more covered you are, the more money you will be paying. This, however, should not be a deterrent when considering insurance. With more coverage comes more protection from accidents outside of your control.  

We suggest working with a trusted insurance expert in your area to get a small businesses quote accurately and quickly. Learning about the policies and becoming educated on the differences between plans can help you feel more confident in your investment. Learn more about business liability insurance costs and protect your business today.