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On-demand Insurance. Where Are We Now?

Since our beginnings, we’ve been building on-demand, fully digital insurance products. For us, on-demand is an experience. You tap on a button and an Uber shows up – insurance should be that easy. From our early days with homeshare, cyber, travel, and more, with partners like Progressive, AXA XL, and Microsoft, we’ve been shifting the needle toward a day when insurance is on-demand and uncomplicated.

Today, our Slice branded and white labeled small business insurance products offer that same ease of use, the same quick digital experience as our other products. Now, we cast to a larger group of small businesses and distribute through some of the largest MGAs and insurers. We’ve gone from:

  • homeshare premiums of $8 per night,
  • to monthly cyber insurance at $300 per month,
  • to small business premiums of $2,500 per year (some reaching as high as $47,000).

While we still don’t need an underwriter manually reviewing each quote – 100% of our business is issued online and fully digital – our licensed team members guide agents through processes and answer questions. We took our direct-to-consumer platform and created a seamless digital experience for agents.

We’re big proponents of digital insurance products that make it easy and fast for everyone in the value chain. 

We are partnering with insurers, MGAs and wholesalers who recognize the value in innovating and distributing right-fit insurance, all automated, all online. We see on-demand, digital insurance and distribution as a means to increase reach, reduce acquisition costs, improve conversion and value.

We’re looking forward to more momentum this year and years to come! 

Want to get in on the momentum as a distribution partner?