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Winterize Your Small Business | Coterie Insurance

Winter may bring a busy holiday shopping season for many small businesses but it can also bring extreme temperatures. That’s why preparation for this brutal season that can quickly cause long-term and expensive damage to your business property can never start early enough. In this blog post, we’re going to share 6 ways you can winterize your small business.  

  1. Purchase salt and caution signs for sidewalks 

Does your business property have eaves that collect icicles during the winter? Does the sidewalk in front of and leading up to your business turn into a skating rink once the temperature drops? Bulk purchase, if possible, salt for the sidewalk and a few caution signs to warn customers and passersby to watch their steps as they walk in front of your business. When possible, try to carefully remove any icicles that could pose a hazard. This is a simple but important step to winterize your small business.  

  1. Prevent burst pipes  

What’s worse than your front sidewalk turning into an ice rink during the winter? The inside of your business turning into an ice rink because of a burst pipe! Investigate any pipes that are located along the exterior walls of your business for proper insulation. Any pipes that seem dangerously exposed should get professionally insulated immediately to prevent the pipes in your business from freezing, bursting, and causing expensive repairs and lost business opportunities.  

  1. Consider buying a generator  

Ice and snowstorms can quickly wipe out electricity, leaving either a single block or entire city powerless for days. To efficiently winterize your small business, having a generator on hand means your business can continue operating (and making money) without having to wait for the power to be fixed. A generator is a worthy investment outside of the winter months, as well. When the extreme rains and winds of spring and summer inevitably come around, you’ll be grateful you invested in a generator for your small business.  

  1. Plan and prepare for mailing delays  

During the winter and holiday season, many retail-based businesses ship more products than usual to meet the demand of gift-giving festivities. With possible supply chain and shipping delay issues in mind, it’s important to plan for elongated fulfillment and mailing timelines. Simple messaging added to your website as far in advance as possible that informs customers to be aware of potential delays is an easy and free way to prepare for this time of the year and the challenges it brings.  

  1. Get festive for the holiday season  

Now that we’ve covered the more serious aspects of how to prepare your small business for winter, let’s talk about something festive: decorations! Decorating your business for the holiday season is an easy and effective way to invite more business through your doors – especially after you’ve salted the sidewalk out front. Add signs that share your holiday promotions or products, lights in the windows, or any other festive decorations you’d like.  

  1. Purchase the right small business insurance for you 

Last but certainly not least, make sure your insurance plan properly protects you. Having business insurance is a requirement already when owning a business; however, not all insurance policies offer the coverage you may need for your property, especially during the brutal cold winters. Not sure if you have the right coverage? Reach out to a licensed agent or broker to review your policy and get the coverage you need so you can get back to what you do best.