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Who Would You Pick as the Umpire If You Were the Judge?

A Kansas federal judge will make a real-life decision regarding the selection of an umpire for an appraisal. Want to guess what the judge will do?

Federated Mutual has nominated two potential umpires: Hugh O’Hara of MacGuire O’Hara Construction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Bill Freeland of Preferred Roofing in Bethany, Oklahoma. Here are their resumes, which have been filed in the case.

The policyholder nominated Toby Johnson to be the umpire. Here is a copy of his resume.

I have written at least two prior articles on the topic of how judges select umpires, How Do Judges Appoint Umpires in an Appraisal? A Case Example from Louisiana, and Do Judges Have a Bias to Appoint Judges and Previous Umpires When Considering the Appointment of an Umpire?

Want my guess? If you read these articles and attend the IAUA and P.L.A.N. seminars that Steve Badger and I teach, you can probably predict which candidate looks best to a judge.

Thought For The Day 

Don’t keep a man guessing too long – he’s sure to find the answer somewhere else.
—Mae West





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