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What are my Private Flood Insurance options? Cost of flood insurance.

This is a wonderful question and one that we frequently hear: What flood insurance options are available? For 50 years, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), also known as the Government flood insurance policy administered by FEMA, enjoyed a monopoly on flood insurance. Although this policy is still an option, many people assume that it is the only one available.

Rapid construction in flood-prone areas, like coastlines, is facilitated by the program. Under political influence, even high-risk beachfront properties are excluded from high-risk flood zones. This misleads owners into buying government-subsidized policies with incredibly low premiums, that don’t reflect the actual cost of risk. However, the flood maps of the program fall behind new construction, and further development of paved land alters water flow. These are just some of the many issues arising from the program.

Private flood insurance, such as Lloyds of London Flood Insurance, offers a flood coverage alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and government insurance. Although there are multiple Lloyd’s of London Flood Insurance options to choose from, each has its own benefits. Don’t believe the notion that they’re all the same. Opt for a more effective approach to flood insurance and have a flood nerd shop your flood coverage.

We meticulously scour all the flood coverage options available in your area to guarantee that you get a great price without sacrificing coverage.

We include the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in our shopping list because some government subsidies provide better premium than the private markets.

Lloyd’s of London Flood Insurance (option 1)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Lloyd’s of London Flood Insurance. (option 1)
Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $849.75

We’re delighted to provide this option to our clients, although they may be specific about the risks they’re willing to take. They won’t accept any property that’s been flooded, no matter the circumstance.


While basement coverage is mostly excluded from all flood policies, a limited coverage option is still available. With this policy, you can receive up to $2,000 for expenses relating to temporary displacement whilst repairs are being carried out, as well as $2000 for any other structures. Should you have a large second structure on your property, we suggest considering an additional policy for adequate cover. Please get in touch with your agent to explore the options. Lastly, Lloyds of London flood policies don’t require an elevation certificate to get a good rate.

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Lloyd’s of London (option 2)
Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $1,050.75

Although this option is excellent, our clients can only benefit from it if their properties don’t fall under specific criteria. For instance, they won’t cover properties situated in designated floodways or those whose floors fall four feet below the Base Flood Elevation. If the BFE is 5368 feet, any floor below 5364 feet is ineligible. Moreover, they won’t cover properties that have had flood losses in the past.

While their basement coverage is limited to roughly 2% of the building, they still provide better coverage than the NFIP. Although it’s not ideal, it’s still better than nothing. Additionally, an Elevation Certificate is not required to rate. Furthermore, you can allocate a percentage of your coverage for loss of use, typically around 10%.

If you require coverage for other structures, easily add them to this policy by updating it. Remember to notify your agent about any other structures on the property; without them being explicitly listed on the policy, you won’t be covered for them.

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $2,358.79

This coverage option applies to properties with a single flood loss under $100,000, within the last five years. It meets NFIP standards, allowing a risk evaluation without an elevation certificate. Notably, the premiums are generally lower than those of NFIP, making it an appealing substitute for homeowners seeking attractive protection.

One standout option available is the ability to secure rates for up to five years. Nonetheless, we’ve determined this choice can come at a higher price than the NFIP’s in the second year. Consequently, we typically opt to switch back to the NFIP until we source another alternative.

Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $759.00

This choice would entertain accepting a property which suffered a single flood loss, as long as the payout was less than $15,000 for that claim. The policy is issued instantly through their seamless system without requiring an elevation certificate. Moreover, it comes with some exclusive coverages that include pool repair and refill.

Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $1,720.10

This choice involves properties that sustained multiple flood losses, albeit none in the last five years. It’s worth noting that their Declaration delivery can be sluggish, so if you’re expecting a fast closing, we may recommend you go with a different option.

Please note that this list isn’t comprehensive, and we have many other options. We wanted to provide you with an idea of the cost of private flood insurance.

We shop all option and when we get the best price we will send that option to you.