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Unique Plans With Chewy Perks

If you’re a frequent buyer on Chewy’s website, you may be intrigued by its CarePlus pet insurance and wellness plans. CarePlus plans have some interesting features, including Chewy perks (we’ll go over that more below). Let’s find out what Chewy’s insurance and wellness plans cover and if they fit your needs.

Before digging into the review, we want first to explain the parties involved in offering these plans for you and your pet

  • Chewy is an online website offering pet products, supplies, and prescriptions
  • CarePlus is Chewy’s wellness and insurance brand that has curated these plans
  • Trupanion is Chewy’s program partner and an affiliate of the American Pet Insurance Company (APIC). Trupanion administers the policy and manages claims on APIC’s behalf. Once you enroll in a wellness or insurance plan, you will begin to receive communications from Trupanion regarding your plan(s).
  • Lemonade is Chewy’s program partner and a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation. Lemonade administers the policy and manages claims. Once you enroll in an insurance plan, you will begin to receive communications from Lemonade regarding your plan(s).

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CarePlus By Chewy Pet Insurance Reviews

Product Name: CarePlus By Chewy Pet Insurance

Product Description: Chewy offers Trupanion and Lemonade pet insurance for dogs and cats.


CarePlus is an excellent option for Chewy shoppers because of its added Chewy perks. All plans have unlimited payouts, and claims are processed quickly.

Our pet insurance experts read through each pet insurance company’s policy to provide detailed comparisons and information regarding how a provider fares against others in the industry. We also speak with customers, read online feedback, and communicate one-on-one with pet insurance companies to obtain a well-rounded, unbiased analysis of a company’s standings.

Our team rates pet insurance companies based on several factors, including A.M. Best ratings (an indicator of financial stability), claim processing reputations, contract coverage, customer service, pricing, plan customizations, and more.


  • Unlimited payouts for all plans
  • May have option for Trupanion to pay your vet directly to avoid waiting for reimbursement
  • Shorter than average CCL surgery and hip dysplasia waiting periods (14 or 30 days)
  • Optional wellness plan available as a stand-alone plan
  • Accident-only plan available
  • Claim processing averages 3-7 days but often paid in 24 hours
  • 100% of prescriptions covered when purchased through Chewy.com
  • Covers your pet if they travel outside the U.S. with you


  • Quotes tend to be among the most expensive compared to competitors
  • Must upgrade plans to have coverage for exam fees, behavioral treatments, and physical and rehab therapies
  • Only available in 42 states currently