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IBX Medicare Advantage Plans Benefit Employers and Retirees

Taking good care of your employees, both while they’re working and after they retire, isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also a necessity for attracting and retaining qualified talent in today’s competitive environment.

Affordable health coverage through a group Medicare plan is an essential component of a comprehensive retirement package. I’ve been working with Independence Blue Cross (IBX) Medicare plans since 2005. And now as Director of Group Medicare Sales, I’d like to walk you through all the advantages of offering your workforce an IBX group Medicare Advantage plan.

Better Than Medigap

Many employers have been offering their employees the same Medicare Supplement (“Medigap”) plan for ages. And Medigap plans are fine. But Medicare Advantage plans offer many more benefits at a significantly lower cost than Medigap plans.

Personal Choice 65SM PPO plans and Keystone 65 HMO plans from IBX come in a variety of options with different costs and benefits. But they’re all very highly rated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a testament to their overall quality in terms of coverage and customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Your retirees could enroll in individual Medicare Advantage plans on their own. And there are a lot of plans out there, many of them with $0 premiums. But even with a $0 premium, a person’s out-of-pocket costs can still add up based on things like specialist copays and medication costs.

Group Medicare plans can leverage group rates to deliver lower out-of-pocket costs to members. That makes them a very attractive benefit to offer your employees when they retire.

And IBX group Medicare Advantage plans come with flexible funding options as well as significant tax advantages. They’re generally better than or equal to what our competitors can provide, in terms of rates, benefits, or both. It’s a win-win for employers as well as retirees.

Coverage Continuity

If your organization already has a group employee health care plan through IBX, transitioning to an IBX Medicare Advantage plan at retirement is seamless. People can enjoy the same large health network as before, with:

  • Even lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Built-in dental, vision, and hearing coverage
  • A no-cost fitness program
  • An out-of-pocket allowance for qualifying over-the-counter health products
  • And many other valuable extras

There’s continuity for employers as well. You get experienced, dedicated account management from the hometown health insurer you already know and trust.

Superlative Support

Our service doesn’t end when our sale is complete. We help your retiring workforce members navigate the Medicare maze to get the most value and the highest-quality care from their health plan. We offer personalized guidance that’s second to none.

We also hold member seminars on popular topics throughout the year. We tailor these presentations to focus on benefits that members are under-utilizing to help them get the most out of their plan. We constantly update our members and clients on new Medicare rules.

My team stands ready to answer whatever questions you may have about IBX group Medicare Advantage plans. You can reach us at medicaregroupsalesinquiries@ibx.com.