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Get Renters Insurance Fast & Get Instant Quotes Online!

It’s Too Expensive

This is going to be the biggest myth of them all, getting a renter insurance plan couldn’t be any cheaper. 

As a matter of fact, this type of insurance, on average only runs about $180 bucks per year. 

That’s about $15.00 per month, and I am sure we can think of 100 things and different types of coverage we can easily spend $15.00 per month on, why not insurance.

My Property Isn’t Valuable Enough

If you have ever looked at a budget or your monthly expenses you learn fast that those small purchases here and there tend to add up.

The same is true about your personal property, while individually they might not be that valuable, but in-total they are worth much more.

If you lost everything at one time, could you really afford to replace everything?

So, Don’t believe the hype, you need to get your rental home or apartment covered fast and get covered today!