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Does Travelers offer rental car coverage? (2024)

What You Should Know

  • Travelers covers any cars you rent if you have a full coverage policy
  • Travelers full coverage costs around $99 monthly
  • Consider additional coverage from the rental car company

When planning a trip, you may be wondering, “Does Travelers offer rental car coverage?” Do you need coverage from the rental car company, or is a Travelers policy enough? You’ll have coverage for your rental car if you carry a Travelers full coverage auto insurance policy.

However, if you only carry liability insurance, rentals likely won’t be covered. Keep reading to learn when Travelers offers coverage for rental cars. You can also enter your ZIP code into our free quote tool above to instantly compare Travelers rental insurance quotes against top providers near you.

Travelers Covers Rental Cars if You Have a Full Coverage Policy

A top question readers ask is, “Does auto insurance cover rentals with Travelers?” Yes, Travelers extends coverage to any rental cars you drive if you carry a full coverage insurance policy. However, you should carefully review your existing coverage before deciding whether to buy any insurance from the rental car company.

See the table below to compare full coverage rates from Travelers vs. other competitors:

It may be a good idea to check the types of protection the rental car company offers, especially the insurance deductible on your Travelers policy.

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Many people only have liability, which doesn’t protect your rental car. In this case, you’ll need full coverage consisting of comprehensive and collision insurance.

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to a vehicle covered by your insurance policy when this is “non-accident” damage. On the other hand, collision insurance will pay for damage to the rental vehicle when a collision with a stationary object or another vehicle causes damage.

However, you should definitely check with an agent to see if your existing insurance policy covers rental cars are not. You can also get more information about affordable, comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

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Consider Additional Rental Car Insurance to Supplement Your Travelers Policy

Your Travelers insurance will usually carry a deductible, meaning you will need to pay a certain amount out of pocket before any coverage kicks in.

Does Travelers offer rental car coverage?: Car Insurance Deductible Definition Card

However, when you buy insurance from the rental car company directly, there may be no deductible, or you may have an opportunity to pay extra to remove the deductible together.

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You may have minimum Travelers car insurance policy limits, so you may want to buy a policy from the rental car company with higher limits in case of an incident.

You may also be able to buy a damage waiver from a rental car company for an extra fee. While this is optional and is not insurance, this waiver may relieve you of any responsibility for damages, loss, or theft of the rental vehicle.

Travelers Handles Rental Reimbursement Insurance Separately

Does my auto insurance cover rental reimbursement if my car is being repaired? Travelers offers an extended transportation expenses program called rental reimbursement coverage. This optional add-on helps pay for the cost of a rental vehicle if an accident damages your current vehicle.

Does Travelers offer rental car coverage?: Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage Definition Card

Check out the table below to see how much you could pay for this essential coverage from Travelers and other top companies:

However, this coverage may not include the cost of any additional insurance offered by the rental company. If unsure, you should ask an agent for further advice.

Get Rental Car Coverage With Travelers Full Coverage Insurance

You have coverage for rental cars if you carry a full coverage policy with Travelers, but you should refer to your policy details and limits. You may also want to consider your deductible and whether buying the cover from the rental car company would be better.

Does Travelers offer rental car coverage?: Travelers Site Screenshot

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You can get additional information here if you still want to know: “Should I get rental car insurance?” Once you’ve decided to purchase rental coverage, enter your ZIP code into our free comparison tool below to get instant auto insurance quotes from Travelers and other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Travelers car insurance cover rental cars?

Yes, if you have Travelers full coverage, you have rental car coverage based on your current coverage limits and deductibles. However, you need to determine if you need additional coverage from the rental car company.

What is collision damage waiver?

Collision damage waiver, also called loss damage waiver, is available from the rental car company at the start of a contract. If someone steals or damages the rental car, you wouldn’t need to pay to repair or replace it.

What is supplemental liability insurance?

Rental car companies offer this type of insurance to cover damage to third-party property and as a top-up to any existing liability insurance you may have in place.

Can I save on my Travelers rental car coverage?

Is the Travelers Responsible Driver Plan worth it?

Yes, the Travelers Responsible Drive Plan, which is the company’s accident forgiveness program, may be worth it for drivers who wish to avoid rate increase after an accident.

Does Travelers insurance cover tires?

Does auto insurance cover slashed tires? Yes, Travelers insurance may cover tires if it’s due to a covered event under your policy. In addition, you can get roadside assistance with Travelers to help out in the event of a flat tire.

Does my Travelers car insurance cover rental cars internationally?

While a standard full coverage policy won’t cover you internationally, you could get travel insurance with Travelers. Speak with an insurance representative for more details.

Is Travelers a reliable auto insurance company?

Yes, Travelers is a highly-rated insurance provider with good customer satisfaction, touting an A++ from A.M. Best for financial strength and an A from the Better Business Bureau.

Enter your ZIP code into our free quote comparison tool below to see how much you’d pay for Travelers coverage.

What is the difference between LDW and CDW?

Often, the terms loss damage waiver (LDW) and collision damage waiver (CDW) are used interchangeably. However, these terms have different meanings depend on where you get your rental car coverage. Generally, CDW covers rental car damage, while LDW covers theft and collision damage.

Is there a grace period for Travelers car insurance payments?

No, unfortunately, Travelers policyholders don’t have a grace period for making insurance premium payments unless they live in states requiring grace periods.

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