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Creating Great Experiences in Retirement Planning

What You Need to Know

  • Part of what you can give clients is a vision.
  • Ikea’s showrooms present a clear vision.
  • Coach seats set up by a typical airline: Not so much.

Have you asked your clients what their ideal retirement looks like?

You’d probably get answers ranging from playing a round of golf to sipping coffee on the deck of a picturesque lake house to exploring exotic destinations.

Everyone has a vision for their golden years, but often not a specific dollar amount for their portfolio.

I mean, how many actively imagine themselves skimming over their annual statements to celebrate another year of 10% returns?

Retirement planning is about more than return on investment; part of it is envisioning their retirement experience.

And if you can maximize your clients’ experience, you can exceed their expectations, no matter the market conditions.

Experiences matter.

Uninspired salespeople sell products.

Sales professionals sell experiences! And let’s be honest: Positive experiences matter.

Countless companies (and people) have built their reputation on delivering a positive experience for their customers.

Here are two examples that come to mind for me.

Topgolf: This is simply a driving range, but people will visit Topgolf on their vacation when they could go to a driving range at home whenever they want. Interestingly enough, more than 50% of their customers are non-golfers.

IKEA: This is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, and people are willing to spend an entire day in a store. Many people often make a weekend trip out of it. Instead of simply having rows of couches and dressers like a typical furniture store, they allow you to take a journey through endless staged rooms. The visitor can feel how IKEA can fit in their lifestyle.

These two companies have ensured long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty because they’ve crafted an enjoyable experience for their customers.

On the flip side is an entire industry that neglects providing a positive experience: the airline industry. Traveling by air is no longer very enjoyable.

Between the long lines, uncomfortable seats, shrinking legroom, hidden baggage fees, and oversold flights, a lot is left to be desired. So, what makes a great experience?

Control what you can.

Regardless of the industry, customers are looking for many of the same attributes: speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service.

Want the good news for our industry?

None of these experiences has to do with market returns or having the lowest fees.

And the best part about this is that you are in control.