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Can I track the progress of my auto insurance claim with Kemper?

Subheading: Track the progress of your auto insurance claim with Kemper by calling the toll-free claims department at 1-866-536-7376 and quote your claim number to follow up. The insurer will also assign a claims representative you can speak with directly if you have questions regarding your claim.

What You Need to Know:

  • It’s possible to track the progress of your Kemper auto insurance claim
  • You’ll get a claim number when you first file a case
  • The company will also assign you a claims representative who you can contact via a toll-free number

When you need to process some accident damage, you must first know how to file an auto insurance claim. But after that, you may wonder: “Can I track the progress of my auto insurance claim with Kemper?” We understand that you may be anxious to get to a resolution, so we’ve answered that question for you.

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How to Track the Progress of Your Auto Insurance Claim With Kemper

When you initially file a claim with Kemper, the company will allocate a representative to handle the process from start to finish. They may also get assistance from an appraiser along the way.

You’ll get a claim number, which will be your reference if you need to contact the company to check the status of an auto insurance claim. You can reach your claims representative by calling the toll-free claims department number during business hours.

It Helps to Understand the Kemper Insurance Claims Process

Kemper has a toll-free number that will connect you with a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) adjuster when you initially report a claim. You need to provide the representative with full details about the incident and any other involved parties.

Do you need to file a police report after an accident? Not necessarily, but it may help to provide a police report, especially if there was a dispute about who was at fault.

An adjuster may contact some of the parties, review the policy and determine who was at fault. Sometimes, this process can take some time, depending on the complexity of the claim. However, the adjuster will do their best to expedite and provide the policyholder with their decision as soon as possible.

What to Do When Your Kemper Auto Insurance Claim is Approved

You can choose whether to repair your car or receive the funds instead. However, if you lease your vehicle from a finance company, that company may insist that you repair the car.

You can also choose a repair shop, although it may sometimes be beneficial to go with a facility that’s within the company’s approved network. This can sometimes expedite the process, and you may be able to get a lifetime guarantee from an auto shop within the approved network.

Repairs on your vehicle could often begin as soon as Kemper sends them a referral, but if insurance won’t pay the repair shop’s quoted price, you may have to find a different shop, which can slow down the process.

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You Can Check the Progress of Your Auto Insurance Claim With Kemper

When you first file an auto insurance claim with Kemper, the company will assign a representative to handle your case. You will also get a claims number at that time.

If you want to check the progress of your case at any point, you can call the company’s toll-free number, quote your case number, and talk to your representative for an update.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Kemper figure out how much my claim payment will be?

Kemper will deduct the amount of your deductible from the total repair cost or the cash value if the company declares your vehicle a total loss. However, if the accident was someone else’s fault, the company will aim to cover all your costs, including your deductible.

Will payment be different if the car is financed?

When a finance company is involved, a settlement check may include the lienholder’s name in certain circumstances.

Will my rates or coverage be affected when I file a claim?

You may notice an increase in your insurance rates following a claim. However, an insurance company considers many factors when they set insurance rates, so you may need to talk with your insurance representative for more advice.

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