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A No-cost Add-on to Your Travel Insurance

Of all the things that can go wrong during your meticulously-planned vacation, flight delays are some of the most common—and most annoying! Luckily, MyFlyt takes the frustration away for travellers. It’s a complimentary new service that’s added on to travel insurance, so travellers with existing policies can enjoy the benefits of MyFlyt at no extra cost. 

It’s convenient and easy—all you have to do is sign up! 

How does MyFlyt service work?

When you’re waiting at the airport terminal and your departing or connecting flight is delayed for more than 2 hours, you’ll instantly get access to an airport lounge pass or a cash payout in your preferred payment type via text message, wherever you may be. Just make sure that you log in to MyFlyt at least 1 hour before your flight is originally scheduled to leave, to take advantage of the full benefits. 

Would I still need to get Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance? What’s the difference?

Although MyFlyt is a great no-cost add-on to your travel insurance package, we still recommend you secure your travels with Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance, for all the unexpected, disruptive events that might come your way. If your trip is cancelled before you depart or interrupted while you’re already away, you’ll be reimbursed for travel costs that result from unforeseen factors beyond your control. 

So, with Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance, how does MyFlyt fit into the picture? Think of this service as an added bonus for travellers who are already experiencing flight delays. We understand how frustrating this can be—especially if you’re on a tight trip schedule—and we want to make things a little easier for our travel insurance customers and their overall travel experience. 

Want to know more? Visit our MyFlyt information page to see how you can take advantage of our new service. Travellers who already have active MyFlyt accounts can call the MyFlyt toll-free customer service line at 1-844-469-8846 or email myflyt@tugo.com. 

Safe travels,