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8 Ways AgentSync Can Elevate Your Salesforce Experience

This post is part of a series sponsored by AgentSync.

Salesforce is a powerhouse across complex industries, and insurance is no exception. Many carriers and agencies alike choose Salesforce as their client relationship management (CRM) system.

For insurance carriers and agencies on Salesforce, the same qualities that make the platform a useful, versatile CRM and internal data solution also apply to AgentSync.

Why AgentSync is built on Salesforce

Salesforce isn’t just a dominant CRM option because of good marketing – the platform has a unique vantage point in the industry thanks to the complexity it can handle. This complexity can be overwhelming when you’re attempting DIY solutions, but for a compliance and producer management software that aims to tackle big, hard problems in an industry on the brink of transformation, Salesforce was the perfect choice.

Now, we work with plenty of carriers and agencies that don’t have Salesforce, so being built on Salesforce doesn’t make us Salesforce-exclusive. But it does mean we have several natural advantages, such as a low-code and no-code flexible structure, being cloud-native, being easier to integrate with, and being able to deploy automations quickly.

One of the biggest advantages of being Salesforce-native is, of course, the AppExchange and the ability to quickly integrate with other Salesforce-native and Salesforce-friendly software. But what does that look like for our customers? And why would a company with Salesforce want to add AgentSync to its existing stack?

No. 1: AgentSync is a powerhouse of accurate data

AgentSync has risen to best-in-class status in many areas of producer compliance and data management because of key factors that set it apart from other vendors in the space:

  • Daily data synchronization with the industry’s source of truth
  • Contextual data layers that explain not only what the data is, but what it means and what you might want to do with it
  • Integrations that feed this accurate, up-to-date data through your other software
  • Frictionless, flexible onboarding workflows that feel custom to your business while offering a white-glove experience for producers
  • Self-service portals for producers who prefer to remain in control
  • Updates that keep your compliance rules in line with changing state standards

Many of these features of our core software – Manage – are thanks to our Salesforce backbone, and can help elevate your Salesforce experience. Don’t guess about your data accuracy. With AgentSync, you can know accurate data is being fed into your other existing systems and workflows.

No. 2: Low-code and no-code infrastructure gives you flexibility

Salesforce’s infrastructure prizes low-code and no-code solutions, which allows AgentSync (or your internal tech team, if you prefer) to make structural changes to tailor your Manage instance or your ProducerSync API data to your internal processes. The upside: Some process changes are as simple as clicking a button, no coding necessary. For current Salesforce users, this means you can cut out the middle-man and use AgentSync’s flexible platform to fit your business’s use case.

No. 3: Flow-powered automations save admins time

Salesforce’s Flows are a huge selling point for IT departments at carriers that want to “use clicks not code” to automate processes. With AgentSync, those same flows can be put to use for the kind of automation that can cut hours, or even days, of work off your producer management.

Want your system to automatically email producers who need to complete their CE? Want a 180-90-30-day email reminder set for all producers before their license expiration date? Want your admins to receive a notice when new producers are done onboarding and ready to appoint? All possible thanks to flow-powered automations that make AgentSync automations just a few clicks away.

No. 4: AppExchange members make for easy integrations

Salesforce’s amazing power lives in its family of applications, all downloadable from the AppExchange and relatively simple to integrate. Because these apps are built on similar REST API structures and all speak the language of Salesforce, every app that you deploy makes your entire Salesforce ecosystem that much more valuable.

Want to validate the data in Salesforce and use it to validate that your commission payments are all in compliance with state laws? That’s the power of AgentSync + Salesforce + Varicent. Want to use Docusign, Acrobat Sign, or any of a dozen e-signature tools for your onboarding process? Easily accomplished. Integrate Accurate, BIG, or Verified First to incorporate background checks into your complete onboarding cycle.

Thanks to AgentSync’s source-of-truth data, you can ensure every app in your Salesforce ecosystem has accurate producer data that makes decision making easy, automatic, and inherently compliant.

No. 5: Robust APIs make it easy to integrate with non-AppEx apps

With its REST API structure, ProducerSync API and AgentSync Manage’s other APIs all make it easier for you to also integrate with the non-AppExchange applications that are part of your environment. From bespoke legacy systems to proprietary internal software development, AgentSync’s API-driven architecture makes for simple integrations.

No. 6: Continuously improving cybersecurity keeps you cybersafe

Part of being in the family of Salesforce apps means adhering to externally enforceable security practices for every aspect of our software. That was one of the initially attractive aspects of building with a Salesforce backbone – having accountability for security and not just guessing at what might go wrong.

With prominent cyberhacks currently wreaking havoc on an entire section of the insurance industry, cybersecurity should be top-of-mind for everyone in your organization. We pride ourselves on being a partner that holds the line for your data security.

No. 7: Portals give producers self-service options

Thanks to Salesforce’s custom external experiences, AgentSync can help carriers and agencies speedily deploy producer-facing portals that are tailored to your business. From easy onboarding to timely reporting of actions or name and address changes, carriers and agencies that use these portals report having lower-friction relationships with their producers and distribution partners, and spending less administrative time hunting down needed changes.

No. 8: Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards eliminate manual labor

AgentSync has robust out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that bring intelligence about your partners and distribution channel straight to your fingertips. Instead of waiting hours or days for admins to tally things like partner spend on licensing or appointment costs, thanks to AgentSync plus Salesforce, you can:

  • Identify the gaps in your distribution channel.
  • See the bottlenecks in your onboarding process.
  • Build strategic distribution growth plans based on your current agent population
  • View which producers or agency partners are fully compliant within their designated sales territories, and identify what actions to take for those that aren’t.

AgentSync: Making your entire Salesforce ecosystem more valuable

If you already work in a Salesforce ecosystem, then you’re familiar with the advantages of being able to unify the information in your tech stack to make data-driven decisions. You know the power of audit trails that give you ironclad receipts for accountability. And you value integrations that give you the ability to automate workflows across multiple tech systems.

If that sounds like you, then AgentSync is ready to help you with a fullstack tech ecosystem that’s far more than the sum of its parts. To learn more about how AgentSync + Salesforce can help you leverage automation to reduce administrative costs and deliver on your bottom line, sign up for a demo today.