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Entering A New Industry But Has Experience Too

PetFirst was founded in 2004 and bought by MetLife in December 2019. MetLife Pet Insurance has a shorter waiting period for accidents compared to other insurers (only one day after enrollment). But is it best pet insurance for your dog or cat?

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MetLife Pet Insurance Review

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Product Name: MetLife Pet Insurance

Product Description: MetLife offers pet insurance for dogs and cats.


MetLife is a newer name in the pet insurance industry, which means there’s only a little history to get a complete idea of what to expect from the company. Other providers often have lower prices, better coverage, and more stable reputations.


  • Optional wellness plan (must purchase in conjunction with pet insurance)
  • Most claims are processed within 5 days
  • Diminishing deductible


  • Doesn’t cover treatment, services, or supplies provided outside the U.S.
  • Excludes working pets (e.g., law enforcement, racing, etc.)