March 25, 2018


Comparing online auto insurance rates

Obtaining an auto insurance coverage today has become a necessary trend, being adopted by vehicle owners, thereby ensuring their safety. Due to the magnanimous demand for suitable auto insurance rates, insurance companies are mushrooming in the market with discounted rates and tempting offers. Under such a scenario, it can be very difficult to select the auto insurance rates, which are in one’s budget and suit one’s needs, accurately. [Read more…]

Top Auto Insurance Myths

When it comes to auto insurance, it pays to be knowledgeable. Understanding how auto insurance works can save you time, money and hassle. From coverage options to deductibles, discounts and premiums, there’s plenty to learn. There’s also an abundance of auto insurance myths circulating. Test your auto insurance knowledge below by quizzing yourself on the top 10 auto insurance myths.

Auto Insurance Myth #1: My auto insurance will vary depending on the color of my car.
FALSE. Although some people believe that a red car attracts more attention, and therefore may lead to more traffic tickets, the color of your car has nothing to do with determining your auto insurance premium. Instead, your credit rating is the most important factor used to determine your auto insurance rates, followed by your automobile’s year, make, model, body type, engine size, age and driving record.
Auto Insurance Myth #2: I’m a male under 25. I’m in the highest insurance rate bracket!
FALSE. While it’s true that males under the age of 25 may pay more for auto insurance than their female counterparts, it’s important to remember that overall, teenagers and senior citizens generally pay higher rates because they are at an increased risk of accidents.
Auto Insurance Myth #3: Sometimes I use my car for business purposes. If I’m in an accident, my personal auto insurance will still cover me.
FALSE. If you are delivering pizzas part-time, occasionally transporting clients or driving to meetings, you may need to extend your auto insurance coverage to include business use. If an accident occurs while on a business errand, your personal coverage probably won’t cover you.
Auto Insurance Myth #4: Help! I had one speeding ticket (or accident). My auto insurance rates are going to hit the roof!
FALSE. Sometimes this is true, but many companies offer “first time forgiveness” – which means your first ticket or accident won’t affect your auto insurance rates. It’s more likely that you will need two tickets before your rates increase. However, your driving history, how fast your were going and the length of time with your auto insurance company can also affect whether or not your rate increases. If you are cited in an accident, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your insurance rates will increase. Auto insurance companies generally conduct their own investigations, and then base their decisions on who was responsible for causing the crash. They will consider all of the facts, not just who was cited for the accident.
Auto Insurance Myth #5: My friend borrowed my car and was in an accident. I don’t have to worry because his auto insurance will cover the damages.
FALSE. Even if you aren’t present, if your car is in an accident, you could be responsible. Also, there is a good chance that your auto insurance rates could be affected.
Auto Insurance Myth #6: My car is totaled. My auto insurance company will cover the cost to replace it with a new one.
FALSE. Read your policy closely. If your car is totaled, most types of auto insurance coverage will only cover the “actual cash value” of your car – not the replacement cost. Then it becomes your responsibility to cover the gap between your settlement and the cost of purchasing a comparable vehicle. There are some auto insurance companies that offer “Gap Coverage” to protect against the depreciation, but you will have to request it. If you are leasing a car, Gap Insurance is particularly important. Due to the low lease costs, chances are what you will still owe on the vehicle won’t be covered by the settlement.
Auto Insurance Myth #7: I’ve moved, but I already paid my car insurance premium. If I get into an accident, I’ll still be covered.
FALSE. If you move, inform your auto insurance company immediately. If you wait too long and are involved in an accident, your auto insurance company could refuse to pay any claims. This is especially important if you move out-of-state because your auto insurance company may not offer coverage in your new state. In addition, you may need to adjust your coverage. For example, you may want to increase your car insurance coverage to protect a new, more expensive home. If you downsize, you may be able to lower your insurance coverages.
Auto Insurance Myth #8: My auto insurance will always cover me for vandalism, theft and random acts of nature.
FALSE. If you only have liability insurance, which covers damage to your car due to an accident, you won’t be covered. If you want protection from hail, theft, vandalism, deer accidents and other random acts of nature, you’ll have to add comprehensive coverage to your policy.
Auto Insurance Myth #9: I mailed my car insurance payment late. I’ll still be covered by the grace period if I’m in an accident.
FALSE. Health and life insurance companies often offer a grace period, but that’s not true of auto insurance companies. Each state has its own laws governing when an auto insurance company can cancel your policy, and how quickly a cancellation can take effect. Although most auto insurance companies value your business and won’t drop you if your payment is a few days late, there is no grace period. Your policy could be canceled even if it’s a day late. Since on-time payment means your premium was received by the due date, dropping your payment in the mail on the due date doesn’t count. Once you have a record of cancellation due to non-payment of your premium, it will be more difficult and more expensive to get new car insurance coverage. Don’t risk it – mail your payments in advance, so they will be received in plenty of time.
Auto Insurance Myth #10: My rates will be the same no matter which auto insurance company I choose.
FALSE. Annual premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the auto insurance company you choose, so it’s in your best interest to shop around. The reason rates can differ by so much is because each auto insurance company bases rates on their own experience.
Learn more about car insurance coverages at Nationwide’s auto insurance resource center, or find out how much your auto insurance will cost with a free online auto insurance quote. If you are self-employed, or use your vehicle for business purposes, you can also get a quote for small business auto insurance.

Good Deal on Auto Insurance Online

Automobile coverage is a must for every vehicle owner. This is not just because most states require it but it can be very beneficial financially. These types of policies pay the bills in case the vehicle is damaged, stolen or been in an accident. However, not all people are satisfied with the prices that companies charge. Hence it becomes important for the customers to save as much as they can by choosing a policy that is cheaper but yet maintains reliability.
Searching of policies should be done by new customers as well as by those who need to renew their policies. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to quotes. Every company promises cheap insurance but it is up to the consumer which company he chooses. It is almost definite that different premiums are being charged for same type of coverage by different companies. Go for a cheap but more coverage insurance if you can. Visiting the companies would not be just enough. You need to look in the websites and research a lot before you decide anything.
According to a recent auto insurance review
the most convenient way to save is by utilizing the internet to help locate affordable coverage. There are websites that can provide rates from multiple rates from various competitors. The information needed is name, address, sex, year, make and model of the vehicle, etc. Personal information such as driver’s license numbers and social security numbers are not necessary for obtaining pricing. Also if there are some safety features in your vehicle, then don’t forget to mention them. These features contribute a lot while saving money for you.
It would be better if your past driving record is clean. This will make the companies feel that they are playing a safe bet on you and you most likely receive a discount. Therefore try to maintain you driving record as clean as it can be. While you request for online quotations you should make sure you do not miss any discounts that are available. These discounts drop the premium substantially and it makes a lot of difference. If you are insured, then at time of renewal you should compare your current insurer’s price among others. There may be a better deal out there.
If these recommendations are followed then purchasing policies can be a bit easier and lot less time consuming. You can protect your vehicles as well as save some of your hard earned money.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Shop Around To Obtain Low cost Auto Insurance
Vehicle owners are always in a hurry to obtain low-cost auto insurance and they do not spend needed quantity of time in acquiring insurance. It is particular that larger insurance will provide larger protection, but often, ideal protection is sufficient and you can pay much less to attain it. Now that competition between insurance providers has increased and hence, customers should take benefit of the scenario. By shopping around for auto insurance quotes Florida, you can get low-cost rates and maximum coverage for your car.
How To Get Auto Insurance Quotes?
When you have decided that you require auto insurance, you have to look for insurance firms that provide auto insurance quotes Florida. It is not essential that you only have to purchase from insurance organizations in Florida. Several nation wide insurance providers present all kinds of insurance policies and they are valid in Florida too. Nevertheless, you require to locate out what providers are allowed to sell insurance for cars in Florida.
Typically, to get insurance quotes from organizations, you have to call different organizations and ask for policy data. This is a tiresome process and response you may possibly get is not guaranteed. World wide web has made every thing simple and now, you can get insurance quotes for auto insurance from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is specify your personal information in the quote request form and request a quote. Insurance providers will right away verify your data and develop quotes catering to all your requirements. These quotes will be sent to you via e-mail and you will be able to receive quotes inside a couple of minutes after requesting them.
Instead of hopping from one website to one more for discovering auto insurance quotes, you can use third party sites that collect quotes from distinct insurance businesses. You have to fill the personal data once and several quotes from diverse providers will be presented to you.
What To Do With Car Insurance Quotes?
Once you have vehicle insurance quotes from diverse companies, you really should begin comparing them. You can’t simply pick 1 insurance policy without in fact working it out. If you have health insurance or other type of motor insurance for a bike, you will need to list out coverage that you already have. In Florida state, Personal Injury Protection is mandatory and no-fault system is utilised. So, when you compare quotes, you need to find out cost of basic protection 1st. Then, you should list out distinct kinds of coverage you might want apart from simple coverage.
Following understanding what type of coverage you require, you have to check quotes from distinct providers weighing one policy against one more. You want to compare coverage supplied and cost to locate out a policy that is cost-effective for you. Whenever probable, attempt to buy additional coverage maximizing protection if the auto insurance quotes Florida are cheaper. This way, you can relax that each and every member of your family members is protected from accidents and your favorite auto is also protected against damages.

Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

Everyone needs the security of auto insurance even if never actually need to use it. Auto insurance protects you and the person you may someday have a collision with. So what do you need to know as you start researching auto insurance quotes?
Before you choose your auto insurance company, make sure the company is reputable. Look for companies with a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Through the BBB, you can check to see if the company has had any complaints filed against it. How have these issues been resolved?
When deciding on your auto car insurance company, you can also begin some of the work they will be doing yourself. These companies will begin your file by doing a credit check (something you can do online) and discovering how many car accidents you may have had.
Shop carefully for an agent. Inquire about his or her experience. In some states, agents only need one week of training! The real pros have gone to school to get industry credentials. Look for the following: CPUC stands for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters and AAI stands for Accredited Adviser in Insurance. The first requires 1000 hours of study; the second requires 100 hours.
There are several ways to make sure you get your biggest bang for your automobile insurance buck. You need to think about liability, collision, comprehensive and deductibles.
Begin by using your car insurance dollars to your best advantage. Spend the majority of your money on the things that could wipe you clean out. You might be able to handle a $500 deductible by a $500,000 lawsuit would be an entirely different matter. Don’t carry a low deductible. Raise it, instead. And do carry much more than the minimum when it comes to liability coverage. This formula should insure that your premiums will stay roughly the same. What do you save in premiums? How much risk do you take on? The one exception may be when it comes to young people who generally have a low net worth. Being sued would not be an enormous issue. Honest, reputable auto insurance agents should be able to help you balance the equation.
Automobile insurance agents should suggest another way to save on your premiums. If you have health insurance already, it should cover and medical bills you incur. Why pay twice?
Check out online auto insurance. is a great place to compare the best automobile insurance quotes on the Internet. Auto insurance rates vary so take your time. An online Auto insurance quote looks at the details and the big picture.
An Automobile insurance quote can and should look at more than just your total liability. Many people mistakenly believe, for example, that $300,000 in liability provides for $300,000 for each injured person, not $300,000 in total liability. Make sure your automobile insurance company agent writes a policy that gives you a total amount of liability per person, not just per total liability.
Free auto insurance is not possible but free Auto insurance quotes are readily available. A site such as can help you with free insurance quotes. Sites like this are perfect in your quest for cheap Auto insurance.
Before beginning your auto insurance search also consider looking for an umbrella policy. You can often buy one for both your home and your car. Umbrella policies can give you $1 million in coverage for between $200 and $300 per year.

Consequences of Not Having Auto Insurance

When young adults graduate college they have aspirations of starting their first “real world” job, getting their own place and buying a brand new car – one that does not need a screw driver to start. However, college students are also graduating with much more than just a college degree and a dream, they are graduating with a substantial amount of debt. In fact, many students graduate with an average of $3,262 in credit card debt – 10 percent of that group owing more than $7,000 in credit card charges.
Students forget to factor in other life costs, such as health care, 401K deductions, income taxes, car payments, auto insurance, rent, utility bills, student loans, credit card bills and food expenses into their monthly budget. “After you graduate and land your first job, you do not think about having to pay for all of these expenses,” stated a graduate from Ohio University. “Unfortunately, reality sets in pretty fast and you realize you do not have the money to make ends meet – it is a hard lesson to learn!”
College debt

Why is there so much credit card debt among college students? “Many credit card companies set up kiosks on college campuses offering free pizzas and t-shirts to try and entice students to sign up for a credit card,” noted David Roush, CEO of “The problem is many college students do not have the income or financial knowledge to manage a credit card – a problem that is leading students into a lifetime of financial despair.”
In addition to the outrageous credit card bills, students are also graduating with student loans ranging from $10,000 to $52,000 or more. Often students figure they will be able to pay everything off once they get a job and start making “real” money, but that simply is not the case.
Not only are credit card and student loan bills financially crippling to many new graduates, it is also forcing grads to cut back on other necessary expenses, such as auto insurance – one bill you legally cannot drive without! “Driving without auto insurance is illegal in all 50 states, however, many young adults elect to go without auto insurance because they think they cannot afford to have it,” stated Roush. “A scary thought when 15.3% of all automobile accidents are caused by drivers between the ages of 20 – 24.”
While deciding not to pay for auto insurance may seem like a good idea at the time, graduates are not considering the expense of getting caught without auto insurance or the cost of getting into an automobile accident. “Imagine if you had to pay the medical bills of someone who gets injured in a car accident when you are at fault – suddenly paying for car insurance does not seem so bad,” says Roush.
The penalty of driving without auto insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the cost of driving without auto insurance can vary from state to state, depending on the percentage of drivers who are uninsured in that state. For instance, in Massachusetts residents can be charged anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in fines and receive a one-year jail sentence. In Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut and New Jersey, drivers operating a vehicle without the state required minimum will have their vehicles impounded – which can cost you thousands depending on how long it takes you to get your car out.
To find out the auto insurance state minimum and fines and penalties for driving without insurance in your state, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles’website.
How to budget for auto insurance

As you look for auto insurance, make sure to check if the insurer offers a 6-month or 12-month payment plan to help you manage your auto insurance payments better. In addition, many auto insurance providers offer a variety of discounts, including alumni discounts. So make sure to ask if your college or university is eligible for a discount, because every bit helps when you are first starting out on your own.
To help make researching auto insurance rates easier, offers an auto insurance comparison application . Here, you will be able to evaluate multiple rates from best-in-class insurance providers – helping you find the best auto insurance coverage for your newly graduated budget.

Finding an Auto Insurance Company

How much coverage do I need? What company is best for me? Are this discounts available to me? These are just a few question you may ask yourself when searching for the auto insurance company to cover you and your vehicle. You want to make sure that you have the necessary coverage in the event of a claim but you also want to make sure your getting the best possible price. Ballard Insurance in Melbourne Florida is and independent insurance company who know just how to shop for their clients to insure they are getting the best coverage for the best price. Here are some helpful tips to consider when search for a auto insurance policy.
If you don’t have access to an Independent agent to shop for you, finding the right Auto Insurance can be a hassle. So where is the best place to start? GET A QUOTE! There are many national companies who would like you to get quotes from their site, but they may not always be partial. Ballard Insurance it not required to sign you to any company so they are impartial 100% Below will be a link to their site where you can get a free auto quote with out all of the hoopla.
All you have to do is fill in the info and just like that your will get quotes from a ton of top rated auto insurance companies.
Once you have established a price range, now its time to find the right amount of coverage. There are many question you must ask yourself in this stage.
How much do your drive during the week?
Do you drive on highly congested highways or roads?
How many vehicles are going to be on your policy?
What are the ages of the drivers on your policy?
What is the age of your vehicle?
Other Factors influencing your auto insurance costs:
Manage your Auto Insurance costs.
There are a lot of factors that affect your auto insurance rates. Ballard Insurance Agency can help by getting you the most discounts possible. The following information is the factors that will affect your rates:
Age – Under 20 and over 80 expect to pay the highest rates.
At Fault Accidents – If you are in an accident and it is your fault, your rate will increase.
Coverage Lapses – Timely payment of premiums will help lower your cost.
Prior Insurance – People buying insurance for the first time will likely pay the highest rates.
Credit Score – Better credit = better rates
Driving Experience – The longer you have been a safe driver, the lower your rates.
Major Violations/Suspensions – Trouble with traffic laws results in higher costs.
DUI – If you are convicted of a DUI, your rates will increase.
Homeownership – Owning a home or condo means your insurance rates will lower.
Minor Violations/Speeding – Any violation indicates higher risk and will raise your premium.
Coverage Limits – The higher the coverage means the higher the cost.
Vehicle Type – Some vehicales are more expensive to insure because they cost more to repair, risky drivers drive them, or they lack safety devices.
Deductibles – The higher you raise your deductibles the lower the premium will be. It also means more out of pocket expense if an accident was to occur.
Accident Free
Good Student
Vehicle Restraints
Long Term Customer
Safe Driver
Good Credit
Finally make sure you know what is actually in your coverage. The following is a breakdown of your coverage:
Liability – Pays others – including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians- for covered damages you become legally liable for due to an auto accident.
Uninsured Motorist – Provides bodily injury coverage for accidents caused by hit-and-run driver or underinsured driver which occur when you or your family are driving a covered auto, or while you are a pedestrian.
Underinsured Motorist – Pays for damages you are legally entitled to recover from another party when that persons liability insurance is not adequate to cover your loss.
Medical Expenses – Pays reasonable medical expense for you and members of your family, if you are injured in an auto accident, or as a pedestrian struck by an auto. This protection also covers passengers who are injured in your auto.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Provides coverage for injury, death, loss of services, and loss of income suffered by you, your covered passengers, or covered family members. Required in the State of Florida
Collision – Protects you from losses resulting from damages to your auto due to collision with another object, i.e. another auto, property, tree, pole, etc.
Comprehension – Pays for losses to your auto, including losses caused by fire, theft, glass breakage, falling objects, natural disasters, colliding with an animal, and vandalism.

Finding the best insurance for a used car

Buying a vehicle on a very limited budget can be quite rewarding for people who don’t have much and yet want to have a car of their own. We all know that purchasing an automobile from used car auctions is very convenient to the average American. Not only are used cars cheap but the owner will also spend less for a car registration and insurance. In our present economic situation, everyone needs that kind of deal that benefits the everyday guy, where one saves a few hundred bucks for the car, registration and insurance expenses.
While registering your car at the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV, it might be a good idea to look for cheaper vehicle insurance. I’m sure there are hundreds of car insurers in, for example, California where there are a lot of automobiles running around or being displayed in car auction sites. Because California is one of those states with many highly urbanized areas, the automobile dealership and car insurance industries are thriving here. So, if you are from around this area, it is highly likely that you will be getting a very good deal.
Now, your best friend at this point in time is probably the Internet. Not only does it provide listings of car insurance companies within your locality, you can also ask for price quotations from insurers without having to break a sweat. See, the beauty of the Internet is that you can access a lot of data with just a few clicks. If you have a very fast Internet connection, you can do your search in such a short time.
As a precaution, you must not settle for the first car insurance company that offers you a very low rate. Being cheap is not an assurance of quality product, although there are quite a few car insurers who will be willing to give you an affordable rate but will not compromise the delivery of its services to ordinary car owners like you.

Why Choose A Top Rated Auto Insurance Company

Since auto insurance is a necessity today it is important to be covered. Insurance offers you coverage in case you are ever caught in an accident. Each company prices their plans differently and according to what your situation is. Due to the fact that there are over 200 million drivers in the US currently purchasing auto insurance is becoming an imperative aspect in our daily lives. In order to make sure that you are being protected to the fullest it is important to know with what company you plan on signing with. Which leads to the main point, why you should choose to sign with a well known auto insurance company It is always a better option to trust in renowned companies with good reputations and histories than ones you may have never heard of or know little of just because the insurance that company is offering is lower that other companies. It is a horrible clich?, but your safety, as well as that of the people who are in a vehicle with you, is priceless.
If your vehicle has been in an accident, dependent on the policy purchased, liability coverage will cover the expenses for damage minus the deductible chosen. There are some policies which only cover the vehicle damages, but you may be interested in purchasing a policy that will also cover medical expenses for passengers. Most people do not usually consider this route because they already have an existing health plan and paying for extra coverage would only be a waste of many. However, make sure to see all the options available to you. Well known auto insurance companies usually offer better coverage and various types of policies
One of the best things about these well known auto insurance companies is the fact that they offer a lot more discounts than lesser known providers. Discounts are being added every year so it is best to sign with a popular provider because in the end you may be able to save more money with them than you would with an insurance company that seems to at first be offering cheaper insurance. Remember to compare auto insurance rates and look for quotes before you make your decision on who you are going to sign with. Make sure that you educate yourself before you purchase auto insurance.

Getting car insurance doesn?t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Auto insurance, which is comprised of six different coverage options, protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. Since most states and lenders require you to by some form of coverage, finding the best car insurance rate can be challenging. So where do you start? You can buy insurance through your local agent and through insurance companies that sell through their own licensed agents, over both the phone and online.
Elephant Auto Insurance, a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc, currently offering Virginia drivers several ways to get cheap car insurance rates, announced this month their entry into Maryland. They are now offering Maryland drivers cheap, low-cost, online car insurance rates. With car insurance rates on consumers’ minds, Elephant Insurance Services, a direct-to-consumer insurance company, is looking to offer customers the best product at a low-cost.
The price you pay for your auto insurance may fluctuate, at times by hundreds of dollars, depending on the insurance company you have your policy with, as well as the car you drive. So how do you save money? There are several ways to get discount car insurance; the best place to start is by getting your quote online. Car insurance rates are unique to each driver and one way to get a cheap rate is by seeing what discounts you are eligible for online. However there are a few other tips to finding low-cost car insurance:
?It pays to Shop Around. Insurance prices vary based on the company, so it is best to get at least three quotes before making your final choice. To get a quote you can call a company directly, shop online, or even contact your state insurance department for price comparison information. However, don’t shop based on price alone. You should ask for recommendations from friends and relatives, as well as contact your state insurance department to inquire about a company’s consumer complaints. You want to find a company that offers cheap car insurance rates but also takes the time to answer your questions.
?Asking for higher deductibles, the portion you pay before your policy covers your claim can substantially lowers your cost. But be sure you have enough money set aside to pay for a claim before choosing a higher deductable.
?Buy additional insurance like your homeowners insurance, or boat insurance form the same company. The growing trend that most insurance companies have embraced is providing a cost break when a customer buys more than one type of insurance. This cost break can result from insuring more than one vehicle or by purchasing different types of policies, so it helps to ask the agent you are speaking with or to research this information on the online site you are using.
?Maintaining good credit can help to cut insurance costs. Insurance companies have found that people who manage their credit effectively have fewer claims. An easy way to maintain good credit is by paying your bills on time, keep your credit balance low, and check your credit record on a regular basis. If you find an error, have it correct immediately so that your record is accurate.