April 27, 2018


Patients who have bone marrow cancers (typically leukemia)

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They host the Medicine Hat Tigers Friday and the Kelowna

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Understanding Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life insurance is in essence a broad term for life insurance policies that do not expire. And unlike term life insurance, permanent life plans also combine the death benefits with a savings portion. This savings portion involves the building up of a cash value that the policy owner can borrow funds against, or even in some cases, can be withdrawn if funds are suddenly needed. Permanent life insurance is coverage for your entire life. There is no need to renew this type of policy and as long as you pay your premiums and keep the policy in force, your policy stays in effect for your whole life. The amount for which you are insured will then be paid to your beneficiaries at the time of your death – even if you live past 100.

Permanent insurance operates differently from term life insurance. The premiums are always larger – often five to 10 times the size. The reason that premiums on a permanent policy are more than the actual cost of the policy is that a portion of that premium goes into a savings component known as the policy’s “cash value.” This is why permanent insurance is also referred to as “cash value” insurance. At the beginning, the cash value is very low because much of the early premiums go towards sales charges and agent’s commissions. But as time passes, the cash value accumulates and the insurer can pay the policyholder depending on the dividends or interest agreed upon. Permanent life insurance is therefore more like an investment than an insurance policy.

Until your policy is redeemed, this savings will continue to increase and earn money. At the point of redemption, depending on the type of policy you have taken, the cash value is either surrendered to the insurance company or included your death benefits. But the savings portion of your permanent life insurance policy is more than just a way to increase your death benefits. The main advantage is that you have access to this money at any time during your life allowing you to cover any expenses that you otherwise might not have been able to afford.

You can use the cash value component of your policy by requesting a low interest rate loan from your insurance company and use the cash-value account as a guarantee or by surrendering the cash value portion (completely or partially). Surrendering your policy in essence means that you are terminating it. A Full Surrender implies that the death benefits and any cash value accrued will be paid to you and the contract between you and the insurance company is over. A Partial Surrender means that only a portion of the death benefit and cash value will be paid to you. The remainder will be adjusted against your existing policy. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies allow you to partially surrender your policy, and if they do, it may be only under extreme circumstances.

Another perk of permanent life insurance policies is that they enjoy favorable tax treatment. You pay no taxes on any earnings in the policy as long as the policy remains active. Money can also be withdrawn from the policy without being subject to taxes as such loans are not considered taxable income.

How the cash value portion of your policy is handles is in fact the basis for the major differences in between the types of permanent life insurance available. Each type offers varying levels of freedom and flexibility in reference to premium payments and control of your investments. These include:

Whole life insurance
Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that remains in effect throughout one’s life. Generally, the premiums for this type of policy remain level throughout the life of the insured. This type of insurance plan also develops cash values that can be accessed by the policy holder through surrenders or policy loans. Cash values in whole life insurance policies typically include two components. There is a guaranteed cash value, which grows on a pre-determined schedule and which equals the death benefit upon maturity of the policy. There is also a non-guaranteed cash value element that is made up of dividends, which add to the value of the life insurance policy over time.

Universal life insurance
With universal life insurance, all three elements of the policy are differentiated. There is the protection element or the death benefits, the expense element, and the cash value component. Separating these elements offers the policy greater flexibility and allows the holder (within certain guidelines) the ability to modify the face amount or the premium in response to changing needs and circumstances.

Variable Life Insurance
A variable life policy offer the most flexibility and control. The policyholder can decide how the cash-value portion is invested. But be warned, this type of policy should only be taken by people who have the experience and understanding of the markets and the ability to closely monitor and manage their policy portfolios. The rewards may be greater but the risks are high as well. Variable life insurance is also one of the more expensive plans available today.

Types of Life Insurance to Avoid

The main reason behind buying a life insurance policy is to protect your family or dependents from financial hardships in case something happened to you unexpectedly. But, there are a lot of life insurance policies that are being sold today that duplicate the protection you would get from a normal term life insurance policy, so don’t be so quick to sign on the dotted line. Here are some types of insurance you should avoid:

Credit Life Insurance – A credit life insurance policy, or “credit life,” as it is also referred to, is used to pay off a debt for a car, electronics, appliances or any similar consumer items if you die or are disabled and cannot make the repayments. It is in effect a type of decreasing term life insurance that will help pay your credit card bill if something were to happen to you. But unlike a term life policy, it is insurance on a debtor, in favor of a lender.

You may be offered a credit life policy when you are financing a large item and the premiums are usually added into the loan contract. This type of policy is ALWAYS optional and is generally quite expensive. Credit life isn’t normally sold by itself. Salespeople typically sneak it in when you finance a purchase because it generates hefty commissions for them. You should also know that it is illegal for a lender to force you to buy such a policy when making any big ticket purchases. Credit life coverage is also severely limited as it never covers pre-existing medical conditions. If you turn 70 during the policy period, it also often becomes null and void. Finally, your family isn’t treated as the beneficiary, rather the lender is.

The basic premise of credit life is faulty as what most people don’t realize is that when you die, your dependents are not obligated to pay off your debts unless their names are on the accounts in question along with yours. If you feel that you are being forced to buy credit life insurance against your wishes, scan all agreements carefully in search of signs of credit life and ask that it be removed. If you find out that you are already paying for credit life, you can cancel it at any time and receive a pro-rated refund. You should also check with your state insurance commissioner if a salesperson is allowed to insist you buy credit life to get a loan and complain to the authorities if it is not allowed.

Therefore, if you already own a sufficient amount of life insurance to cover your financial needs, including repayment of your debts, the purchase of credit life insurance should be avoided.

Mortgage Life Insurance – The odds are that you have already been offered a mortgage life insurance if you own a house. Your lender may in fact have recommended such a policy as the premium payments are normally added to your mortgage payments.

Mortgage life insurance also works in the same manner as a decreasing term life insurance policy that will pay off your house if you die. As the amount left to pay on your home decreases and the years pass, your death benefit in turn, decreases. These policies usually have a high cost, which only adds to your premium payment and interest on your mortgage. In addition to this, your lender is the beneficiary in this type of policy and your family will receive none of these death benefits. The bottom line is that any good life insurance policy can serve as mortgage life insurance. It might seem like a good idea to protect your home and take out a mortgage life policy but an affordable term life insurance policy will accomplish the same thing and term life insurance policies are generally less expensive than those offered by mortgage companies.

Air Travel Life Insurance – Air travel life insurance covers a broad range of situations such as lost or delayed luggage, flight cancellation, or even trip delay which can in turn cause other cancellations of hotel rooms or car rentals. Such insurance will cover you if you have a medical emergency before or during your flight as well as during your travel to and from the airport in case an accident occurs at the time. Air travel insurance does not cover accidents that happen while on vacation but only during the flight itself. Air travel life insurance is basically like a short term accidental death life insurance policy. If the plane was to crash and you were killed or injured, your family and dependents would receive compensation through this type of insurance policy. This type of policy however will terminate as soon as the policy holder leaves the airplane. This kind of insurance is only available for commercial flights and is not available for private carriers and has to be purchased prior to departure. At the end of the day, though, if someone depends on you financially, then you need life insurance to cover you no matter how you die. An affordable term life insurance will protect the policy holder if he/she dies in an airplane crash or naturally and more than compensates for the loss of life without any extra expense.

How to get low cost life insurance

There is no insurance industry greater than the US insurance agencies in recent times. Their prompt service, customer satisfaction, varied policies and excellent service have rendered them as one of the best insurance service providers not only in the United States but also across the globe. One of the most common types of insurance that is most in demand across the US is the life insurance policy. Almost every US resident wants to get his or her life insured as the life insurance policy protects and secures the life of an individuals family even after his death monetarily, through the payment of premiums, this is one of the best gifts one can give his or her family for life. However not everyone can afford high value life insurance policies. For these people a number of low cost life insurance policies have been developed in the US. The life insurance quotes for these low cost life insurance policies meant for the common man are readily available with the US insurance agencies for free with their agents or on their respective websites.
Low cost life insurance policies are affordable by all Americans. Not everyone however may have the knowledge of these low cost life insurance policies. Not everyone may know how to avail these low cost life insurance quotes from the insurance agencies. However there is a solution for the same. With the advancement of the internet there are many US insurance websites which compile the low cost insurance quotes from various agencies and provide the same to the customers on the look out to purchase insurance policies. These websites gather low cost life insurance quotes from high rated insurance agencies in US and offers a comparison of the various low cost life insurance quotes available from American insurance agencies.
According to the low cost life insurance quotes, an insurance agency could give out life insurance policies at a lower rate when the policy applicant is under a serious illness, health situation age and financial situations are some of the factors that are taken into consideration by a low cost life insurance policy while granting the same. The easiest way to get hold of these low cost life insurance quotes is to find them online. One must compare the various low cost life insurance quotes available before taking a decision on the same. The insurance companies providing these cheap life insurance quotes online would taken in the details from the policy purchasers in easy to fill in life insurance quote request forms before providing them the low cost life insurance quotes for free according to their requirements. Low cost US life insurance policies would definitely have lower insurance rates which would be mentioned in their respective life insurance quotes. Before one proceeds to purchase a low cost insurance policy one must understand the actual volume of insurance required. Once one decides upon the insurance policy to take up all one has to do is fill in the life insurance quote request form and wait for the insurance company to revert back. Low life insurance policies are the best to opt for especially of you have certain health and financial issue for which you are unable to invest in a high premium life insurance investment. Apart from acquiring the low life insurance quotes from websites that provide these services of compiling these quotes from various websites so that you can compare all of them prior to taking your decision, you can also request for low life insurance quotes directly from the US insurance agencies or their agents once you have explained your situation to them.

Difference Between Life Insurance and Health Insurance

An individual having health insurance is protected against running up large an extensive medical expenses. Health insurance coverage offers folks either partial or full coverage for certain medical procedures and treatments. On the other hand, life insurance it is an insurance policy that pays what’s called the face value of the life insurance policy to a beneficiary if the person whose life is insured dies. This value or what’s called the face value of the policy is paid out to the beneficiary in one lump sum payment.
When shopping for life insurance you will find two basic types: these types are what are called whole life and term life insurance. Term life insurance is much less expensive than full life insurance because of the fact it offers nothing more than simply life insurance coverage in the event that the person who is insured dies. Term life insurance can be purchased for durations as little as one year or as long as 30 years. The beneficiary of the term life insurance policy receives the proceeds or the face value of the policy if the person that was insured dies some time during the term of this life insurance policy. This might explain why so many people decide to wait until they get a little older before making a purchase of life insurance. Not always a wise idea though.
Whole life insurance combines the life insurance protection benefit along with an investment plan. The premium or the amount of money a person pays every period (monthly, quarterly or yearly) for a whole life policy is split between the life insurance premium and the investment portion of the policy. The investment vehicle portion of the whole life policy can be invested in mutual funds, money market, on the stock market and bonds and in some cases can be chosen by the person who is insured. One of the benefits of a whole life insurance policy is that it forces the saving of money for retirement by the person who is insured. This occurs by taking a portion of the premium and investing it in one of the investment vehicles listed above. These policies are in reality though, typically loaded with commissions and fees. After taking these costs into consideration, you may decide that this is not the best use of your investment dollars.
As you may have already determined, a life insurance policy differs from that of a health insurance policy. The price a person will pay for both a life insurance policy and a health insurance policy is determined by an individual’s age and physical well-being or health. As a general rule, those folks who are healthy and young will pay less for each policy than those folks who are bit older and who may be in poorer general health.
Given the financial choice between the two, it is impossible in this article to advise folks on which is better, a health insurance policy or life insurance policy. The two are designed to address different needs in a person’s life. A lot of folks find that their employer offers health insurance as well as the option to add on term life insurance coverage for a small or nominal fee. If you find yourself in this situation by all means take advantage of it. However when it comes to life insurance, be advised that if you lose your job you lose your life insurance coverage. It may be advisable to look into carrying term life insurance outside of your workplace.
If you find yourself on a budget and need to decide which insurance policy to purchase, this becomes of course determined by how much you can afford to pay each month and of course on your personal situation. If you find yourself having to choose between a health insurance plan and a life insurance plan, you may want to be advised to choose the health insurance coverage. Understanding that the health insurance coverage will be more expensive for you each month, bear in mind that it only takes one accident or medical illness to cause you to have enormous medical bills. Also this is something else to consider. If you find yourself with large medical bills as a result of not having health insurance, you may want to consider the idea of purchasing a term life insurance policy having a face value that is large enough to pay off your bills. Your spouse can be designated as your beneficiary. This way if something were to happen to you, your spouse would not be left with the debt.
If your plan at work does not include a health insurance benefit or you are self employed or simply looking to provide health insurance coverage for yourself and your family outside the workplace environment, a great place to start your research is Blue Cross Blue Shield (www dot BCBS dot com) or Aetna (www dot aetna dot com). This is not necessarily an endorsement but is a good place to start in understanding the types of health insurance plans available out there today. These two large providers operate in most of our 50 states so your likelyhood of learning about the types of health insurance plans available in your state from different insurers is high.
As always, seek the advice of a professional financial planner before deciding on a course of action that you do not fully understand.